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i3 named workspaces

I recently improved my i3-wm configuration regarding the handling of workspaces. The idea is to have a quicker access to Firefox and Emacs, the main GUI tools I use for working. I initially added bindings to Urxvt terminal, but I happen to use it too much, so I cannot bind it to a particular workspace, they have to appear where ever I am :-)

Workspace names

set $wp_web 1: web
set $wp_edit 2: emacs
set $wp_work 3: work

set $wp_1 1: web # cannot use $variable here ...
set $wp_2 2: emacs
set $wp_3 3: work

assign [class="Firefox"] ? $wp_web
assign [class="^Emacs$"] ? $wp_edit

Switching workspace

# Win+1, Win+2 ...
bindcode Mod4+10 workspace $wp_1
bindcode Mod4+11 workspace $wp_2
bindcode Mod4+12 workspace $wp_3
bindcode Mod4+13 workspace 4

# quick Fn accesses
# F1 is Firefox, always focus to it during quick switches. 
# Same for F2 and emacs
bindsym F1 workspace $wp_1 ; [class="Firefox"] focus 
bindsym F2 workspace $wp_2 ; [class="Emacs"] focus
bindsym F3 workspace $wp_3
bindsym F4 workspace 4
# skip F5 (refresh in Firefox)

# quick back-and-forth with special key
bindsym Menu workspace back_and_forth # I would prefer a back-and-forth *on output*

# win-left/right
bindcode Mod4+86 workspace next
bindcode Mod4+82 workspace prev

# Mouse switch 1: left  2: middle  3: right
bindsym --whole-window Mod4+button1 workspace prev_on_output
bindsym --whole-window Mod4+button2 workspace back_and_forth
bindsym --whole-window Mod4+button3 workspace next_on_output

Moving workspaces and windows

# quick move
bindsym Shift+F1 move workspace $wp_1
bindsym Shift+F2 move workspace $wp_2
bindsym Shift+F3 move workspace $wp_3
bindsym Shift+F4 move workspace 4

# MOVE+Next/Prior keys to move the workspace
bindsym $Mod_move+Next move workspace next
bindsym $Mod_move+Prior move workspace prev

# Special key (UP/X) to move only window
bindcode $Mod_move+66 move window to output right;focus output right

# F12/F11 to move to hidden scratchpad / show it 
bindsym F12 move scratchpad
bindsym F11 scratchpad show