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Presentation at MAD'14

Last week I presented my thesis work at the 2nd workshop on Multicore Application Debugging (MAD)

In this presentation, we introduce our novel approch to improve interactive debugging of multicore and embedded systems. Relying on programming-model and runtime-environment structures, model-centric debugging aims at providing high-level representation, inspection and control mechanisms, tailored to the abstraction level used to develop modern applications.

We present the model-independent requirements that drove the design of our prototype tool, mcGDB, and discuss the important aspects of the development of the implementation. Finally, in the context of an industrial MPSoC platform, we present a programming model for dynamic dataflow computing and illustrate how we applied the concepts of model-centric debugging to its runtime environment. We also describe the usage of our tool through the debugging session of a h264 video decoder.

* Debugging model-based software ⇒ that's for me :-)

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