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Debugging, GNU± Linux and WebHosting and ... and ...

Beginning with WebAlbums

Beginning with the sample dataset

Go to the sample directory, and follow the instructions:

  1. put image and miniatures directories in your data directory
  2. import WebAlbums.sql to an empty database:
  • mysql -u wazari972 -p WebAlbums < ./WebAlbums.sql # (default password is ‘ijaheb’)
Beginning from scratch

When you first boot the application, its database is empty (almost empty, the default values are commited at the first start). So, let’s start adding and tagging our first photos:

  1. (a) In directory data/ftp, create a theme directory. Let’s name it Travel. (b) Inside this one, you create your first photo albums, following this name template: . For instance, 2013-03-31 Around Grenoble. Inside that, you put photos, videos and GPX files.
  2. On the website, you go to the only existing theme, Root. There, you click on the Configuration link on the right hand side. Change the first text box to Travel or whatever name you chose to your theme. Them, import.
  3. Now you can get back to the theme list and click Travel, so what… In the album page, or last albums widget, you can see the list of your albums.
  4. Locate the best photo of the theme, and click the “Edit” icon. Then, click on “Represent the theme” and validate.
  5. For each album, find the best pict and click the “Edit” icon, then “Represent the album” and validate.
  6. In the configuration page, locate the “center of theme” and click, a bit below, “Centre de la carte”
  7. Then, create tags. For instance, a guy (WHO) named Nobody. Or a place (WHERE) named Nowhere. Locate that nowhere on the map, double click to create a beacon and validate. (Field Parent appears later).
  8. Back in the albums, find picture of Nobody and/or Nowhere, click on the Tag text, type the first letters and validate. If it doesn’t work, click on the edit button and highlight the tags in the lists (that just a problem of empty databases).
  9. While you’re there, click on desc and write a description.
  10. If you come back on the configuration page, you’ll see that new box appears (like the parent box I mentioned earlier). That’s because you’ll here only the tags used in this theme, but we’re still a bit early for that. Notice that you can set the age of that Nobody guy (hover over the Nobody tag link in a photo and you’ll see his age at the shot time)