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Debugging, GNU± Linux and WebHosting and ... and ...

Working Hard

I also actually do work hard, sometimes, as when I took that screenshot of my work environment (it was the second year of my PhD program):

  • i3 window manager tilling the dual-screen
  • Firefox browsing GDB website, certainly looking for its documentation
  • Eclipse IDE opened on first investigations of what would become my PhD contribution
  • GDB running, trying to capture the behavior of Unix sockets,
  • GDB being compiled, as I was also working on its source code
  • (I could have a GDB instance debugging the other GDB, but that would have been to much :-)
  • Emacs editor opened on my literature review LaTeX document
  • Linux kernel configuration panel, as I was building a ARM version to play with ST's Linux kernel debugger
  • Unix top command, to make sure that my system is not overloaded by all of the above!

(maybe the screenshot was a bit staged, in particular the web browser, whereas I was actually looking a way to ... put a subject in a mailto:// link, but not that much ;-)