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Hacktoberfest 2015

During the month of October, I participated to DigitalOcean's Hacktoberfest. The goal is to foster Open Source programming, and the rule is easy: you just have to submit 3 pull-requests on Github. No matter the size of the pull request, no matter which project, big, small, even your own project, and the pull request doesn't even have to be accepted. It's easy to "cheat", but I played to game fairly and prepared three pull-request with actual features/improvements.

Selfloss RSS Reader

Add support for private (@) and hidden (#) tags

Selfloss is a PHP feed reader, with a per-source tagging mechanism. I needed two things:

1/ private tags (with a @ in the tag name): items and sources with such tags are not visible if the user is not logged in.

2/ "not important" tags (with a # in the tag name): items are not visible in the "all tags" feed, but only when you click directly on the tag or source.


Add Python 3 support

Orochi is a command-line client for 8tracks online music player. It didn't support Py3, which is the default on my Archlinux system. Instead of fixing shebang, I updated the code to support Python 3.


Add a keyboard controller

PyQuadStick/PyQuadSim is a quadcopter simulator written in Python for the Virtual Robot Experimentation Platform (V-REP). PyQuadStick worked with R/C transmitters, joysticks and PS3 controllers, but I had none of them, so I wrote and contributed a keyboard controller.


Allow setting custom thumbnails

Shaarli is a micro-blogging engine, focused on link sharing. For my online library, I wanted to be able to provide custom thumbnails, for the book covers. Unfortunately (for my patch), they are in the middle of a refactoring, with a focus on plugins, to not clober the core of the engine and keep it minimal. So I rewrote my original patch to fit that design, but it won't be included until the refactoring is done.