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Tricks for Python debugger pdb

Using pdb in PyGTK applications

If you try to run pdb.set_trace() on a PyGTK application, the command-line prompt will be unusable, certainly because of (native) multithreading. Solution is simple once you got it, but not necessarily easy to find on the Internet:

def import_pdb_set_trace():
  '''Set a tracepoint in PDB that works with Qt'''
  from PyQt5.QtCore import pyqtRemoveInputHook

  import pdb; pdb.set_trace() 

PDB aliases [for gdb.py scripting]

# gdb.py
alias ge import gdb;gdb.execute("%*") #  gdb execute
alias gq import gdb;gdb.execute("quit") # gdb quit

# force quit
alias fq import os;os._exit(0) 

# quick print
alias pr print(%1)

# dir()
alias dir for k in dir(%1): print("{}".format(k))
alias dirv for k in dir(%1): print("{} --> {}".format(k, getattr(%1, k)))

alias ds dir self