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Photowall generator

This is a GPL 3.0 Python photowall generator, relying on ImageMagick. It is (and will remain) in "beta testing" version : I use it and it fits my requirements, but there is no guarantee that it won't crash in any different circunstances.

Python developers should be able to fix it and update it fairly easy, although the code is a bit old and could benefit from a face lifting (I wrote it in 2012).

An example of customization for Python developers: Polaroid captions are computed by function photowall.get_file_details. Just rewrite this function to decide what you want to use for caption. Current code (in the exception handler :$) takes the filename without extension and replaces underscores by new lines.


 photowall.py <path> <target> [options]

   <path>        The path where photos are picked up from.
   <target>      The path where the target photo is written. 
                 Except in POLAROID+RANDOM mode, the image will 
                 be blanked out first.

   --polaroid      Use polaroid-like images for the wall
   --pick-random   Pick images randomly in the <path> folder.
   --help          Display this message

 Size options:
   --nb-lines <nb>         Number on lines of the target image. 
   --line-height <height>  Set the height of a single image.
   --width <width>         Set final image width. 
   --no-resize    Resize images before putting in the wall.

 Polaroid mode options:
   --crop-size <crop>      Minimum size to allow cropping 
                           an image, if it doesn't fit
   --no-caption            Disable caption.
   --put-random            Put images randomly
                           instead of linearily.
   --sleep <time>          If --put-random, time (in seconds)
                           to go asleep 
                           before adding a new image.

 Collage mode options:
   --do-wrap               Finish images on the next line? 


Polaroid mode with caption

--polaroid  --nb-lines 1 --pick-random

Polaroid mode with caption

Polaroid mode with no caption

--polaroid --no-caption --nb-lines 1 --pick-random

Polaroid mode with no caption

Collage mode

--nb-lines 1 --pick-random

Collage mode

Polaroid random mode

--put-random --nb-lines 1 --pick-random

Polaroid random mode

Graphical interface

I built a graphical interface that should support all the command-line arguments. Use it with caution, I don't like writting GUIs !